Player Development


Mike Vasil

Mike Vasil – Has trained at Winning Pitchers since age 10 and played with Team Mass since 13.  Signed with University of Virginia.  Congratulations Mike!

Jack Harlan

Jack Harlan has trained at Winning Pitchers since age 11 and played for Team Mass. Signed with Columbia University.  Congratulations Jack!

Sam Phipps

Sam Phipps started training at Winning Pitchers at age 10.  Has played with Team Mass since 12.   Congratulations to Sam who will continue his baseball as Wesleyan University.

Alex 2

Alex Moconyi (2nd from LF) traveled from CT to train at Winning Pitchers his junior & senior year winters.  Through Advance Computer Analysis and the WP/PPD training process he advanced his performance ten fold.  His training at WP and his work ethic paid off signing with the University of Hartford.  Congratulations Alex!

Players who train at WP Academy become the highest performing High School players and many go on to play at collegiate and professional level.  Playing 50-86 games does develop players to their highest potential.  Building a foundation by mastering skills and mechanics enables players to reach their highest performance potential.  We could list a full page of WP trained collegiate players, however what is important is the current group of athletes we are responsible to train.  Currently the Perfect Game ( #1 overall baseball prospect in Massachusetts to go along with being the #1 pitcher in the State in 2018 graduating class, has trained at WP since 10 years of age.  He has played with TMB since 13.  It is the  WP training process, his hard work ethic and parents understanding of professional training that is responsible for Michael Vasil’s development.  This is true for all players WP trains.  In this players parents words:

“Performance testament to what you guys teach and coach and how you train the boys.  He was not born with the ability.  He learned it from all of you!”

Team Mass Baseball is a skill and development training program.  TMB is for players and parents who are focused on skill development to reach highest performance potential.  Players selected are trained within the Winning Pitchers Academy training process:

  • WP Fall On Diamond Skills Training
  • WP Baseball Athletic Functional Movement  –  AFM Training
  • WP Advance Computer Analysis
  • WP Lessons
  • Power Drive Performance Analysis – Utilization of stronger lower body mechanics






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