Michael Vasil Story

The top player in Massachusetts this year, Michael Vasil followed a different path than focus on travel baseball. Michael and parents set training as priority #1, high school and collegiate goals #2 and travel baseball #3. They understood the importance of professional training being 1st to assure Michael reached his highest potential. As a result, Michael was not only the top player in New England, but one of the top in nation and would have been a 1st round draft choice, but instead choice to play a collegiate career first at the University of Virginia. Michael started training at WP/PPD at the age of 10 and has continued training his skills/mechanics and Baseball Athletic Functional Movement at WP/PPD. He played with TMB starting at 13U, playing a reasonable 24-30 game schedule which is plenty of baseball games. It was Mike’s dedication to training, great parent support and professional training that allowed him to reach his highest performance potential to meet his high school and collegiate goals.

Michael Vasil  Michael Vasil 3           Michael Vasil 2

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